Digital Minimalism: Bringing Cell Phones Back to Essential Life

Digital Minimalism: Bringing Cell Phones Back to Essential Life

          In 2023, you may think using a keypad phone looks strange in a crowd, but once you choose a certain lifestyle, you will find it very useful.

         Qinphone was born in 2014, Shenzhen, China.

         We initially wanted to make a phone for the students, which should be convenient to live with - it should have basic communication functions, such as WeChat (like overseas whatsapp); it should have payment and code scanning functions; it should be able to search for study or other life problems at any time; it should be able to support taxi apps and map navigation, etc.

        But at the same time, it should not be suitable for playing games and watching short videos - I mean "not suitable", not "can not".

       The modern Ultra/pro/max phones are great for browsing movies/social medias/phone games, and these apps are destined to take up a lot of your time - think about it: you can only play two games of lol in an hour, but that's enough time to get started with some new skills - haven't you touched that guitar in the corner of your room in a while?

       The internet has turned those glass panel cell phones into a magical box that makes the idea of looking for it every now and then a habit. Slowly, you realise that you're not as productive at work as you thought you were.

       That's where Qin phone comes in.

       Qin phone F-series abandons the traditional full-screen design. The smaller screen makes you lose immersion when you play games and watch short videos, and it's easier to peel yourself away from the Internet.

       Both touch screen and keyboard can be used, taking care of almost all age groups.Hey, don't worry if the keypad machine will look weird when used among youngsters, maybe it will be an expression of your unique personality.

       Otherwise, the F22 series which has a one-piece dust-proof keyboard, besides being dust-proof, of course it is also waterproof, you can carry and use it in the rain.

       Qin phone runs android 11 or 12, all the apps you need will run excellently on the phone, and at this time, it doesn't look any different from any other android smartphone when you use it.

       The time saved by the Qin phone can help you explore some hobbies - reopen a book or learn a new skill, I don't know, maybe ukulele?

       Get the Qin phone and maybe you won't keep it forever, but that time it spends with you might make you realise something, like digital minimalism.

       All right, this is the product concept we want to promote by Qin phones. Any comments or suggestions, we hope you'll leave below here, we'd love to read it.

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Digital Minimalism with Nostalgia. Great proposal and amazing phones, love the F series. Looking forward to ge my hands on a F21 Pro or F22 Pro very soon. Keep up the good work and don’t fade on keypad phones.

Márcio Pinto

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